The Lynda Cahill – Incited Media Manifesto

What is a manifesto

I think it’s fitting to have a manifesto as the first ever article published here on Lynda Cahill – Incited Media. Not only will it help give me focus as I grow my business as a blogger, manifestos are also one of my favourite things to write.


The Lynda Cahill – Incited Media manifesto will live here on my blog for me to refer back to when I need clarity, and I’ll update it as my business evolves. Apart from helping to set the direction for my business, my readers (you!) will gain an understanding of what I am doing, and why I am doing it.


Now, before I share my manifesto with you, let me tell you exactly what a manifesto is, and why I think it’s a fantasmagorical idea for you to write one for your business.

What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is a declaration of your intentions, motives, or beliefs. It describes the vision you have for the world around you, and how you intend bring your vision to life (manifestation). The beauty of writing a manifesto is it helps you get clear on the impact you want to have on the world. 

Why should your business have a manifesto?

The main reason your business should have a manifesto is because it encapsulates the heart and soul of your business. It becomes the foundation of everything you do, and who you do it for. For me, my manifesto informs every business decision I need to make.

There are numerous other ways your business will benefit from having a manifesto, including: 

– It lets your audience know what you are all about.

– A manifesto lets you weave your personality into your brand.

– It helps you connect with people who share the same values as you.

– Your audience will understand what they will learn from you, or why they need you.

– A manifesto gives you the opportunity to share your message with the world and explain your “why”.

From a marketing perspective, your manifesto can drive your content strategy, because you can build and plan your social media and editorial calendar around it. For example, the manifesto I share below contains the philosophies that underpin all of the work I do here on my blog, and the work I do for others. All of the content I create is somehow related to what is on my list, and because it contains my unique beliefs, opinions, and values, I can put more of “me” into my work.

OK. So, here is my manifesto. (ooh, I’m nervous!)

What is a manifesto

1) Passion is a feeling, not a job title.

2) I believe the world needs excited and passionate people.

3) Mainstream school is not the only way to get a quality education.

4) I will never settle for a life I don’t love. Ever.

5) Be committed to becoming great at what you love to do.

6) Be a rebel. Don’t let society or the opinions of others dictate your life choices.

7) Find your groove and rock it.

8) Make your life you message.

9) You need to learn what you need to learn, to be who you need to be.

10) I will inspire people to express the fullness of their gifts, to live their fullest potential.

You know what? When I read back over this list, I feel proud. Each point has significant meaning for me, and it took time, experience, and a lot of thought to build this list. I also feel excited. I know I have set the foundations for my business to align perfectly with everything I believe in, and the message I want to share with the world.

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