Share your genius
Lynda Cahill Incited Media Edupreneur

“It’s never been a better time for self-motivated people. Anyone connected to the internet has the education power of a university and the distribution power of a media company at their fingertips.” – James Clear


Imagine being paid your worth, by teaching what you know about topics YOU are passionate about, to students who WANT to learn it, or by creating resources for other edupreneurs, like I do in my role as a business educator in the family day care sector.


As an edupreneur, you don’t need to know it all. Knowledge brokers just need to know how to extract information from various credible experts in their niche, and then package it up and transfer it to where it is needed (your readers, clients, customers, or students).


Whatever skills or knowledge you gain through your own experiences or education, there are people out there who need you to share it with them, in your unique way.


My aim is to help you to share what you know or learn, so I will be constantly researching platforms and creating resources, so you can do just that. Will you start a blog? Create courses? Become an influencer on social media? 


Let’s go!